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Triple Action Kit

PrimerPlus + GrafClean Ag+

Paint & protect your home!

STEP 1: PrimerPlus is a natural cleaner for indoor and outdoor use. Its high pH > 13 and calcium hydroxide content provides a natural cleaning solution with tested efficacy, while also purifying the air with its CO2 absorbing properties. Ideal as a first coat for mineral paints and GrafClean product range.

STEP 2: GrafClean AG+ is a premium paint with matt finish formulated with silver ion (Ag+), providing cleaning properties that maintain the surface protection for 12-24 months. Free of toxic substances and breathable. Ideal for high-traffic areas such as hospitals, day-care centers, schools, clinics, etc. Made with Graphenstone technology, providing resistance and durability.

To guarantee the continuity of the sanitizing activity of PrimerPlus, it must be painted within a maximum period of 7 days with GrafClean AG +


Kit 4L 1 bucket of 4L of PrimerPlus
1 bucket of 4L of GrafClean AG+
Kit 15L 1 bucket of 15L of PrimerPlus
1 bucket of 15L of GrafClean AG+
TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Graphenstone-DescargaTDS PrimerPlus
Graphenstone-DescargaTDS GrafClean AG+
Breathable paint
Excellent covering power
Washable and resistant
Antimicrobial paint
  • Ecological antibacterial paint


  Venetta (TEC)