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Natural sanitizer product
Inhibits bacteria, fungi and viruses
Exclusive primer before GrafClean AG+

Primer Plus is a natural sanitizer product, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms in interior and exterior surfaces. Free of toxic substances. The product has a great sanitizing power due to the high percentage of Calcium Hydroxide content and its high pH.

Functionality of the product:
The sanitizing properties start once the film dries, inhibiting growth and preventing the settlement of microorganisms. One week after the application, it must be coated with GrafClean Ag+ white or color, in order to maintain the sanitizing activity.

Ideal for protect your home.


PERFORMANCE 9-11 m2/L (1 coat)
DRYING 2-4 hours (between coats)
24 hours (total drying)
TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Graphenstone downloadTDS PrimerPlus
Breathable paint
Excellent covering power
Washable and resistant
Antimicrobial paint
  • Pintura natural ecológica para interiores
  • Pintura natural ecológica para interiores


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