GRAPHENSTONE above its competitors

With 85.6% in its overall score, the evaluation has been superb.
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The Graphenstone Team cannot be more proud of its company because recently has been evaluated and certified on its innovation processes, resources, processes, products and technology.

Graphenstone’s high innovation potential is guaranteed by the quantity and quality of its innovative products developed and introduced by the company to the world market.

Graphenstone Innovation

Graphenstone has been rigorously evaluated in the following areas:

  1. Innovative culture
  2. Understanding the business
  3. Strategy
  4. Structure
  5. Capacity and resources
  6. Processes

The company obtained an overall score of 85.6% for “Innovation Practice” and 83.1% for “Innovation Performance”, which places GRAPHENSTONE above the average score of competitors in both dimensions.

On the other hand, the scores obtained for “Innovative Business Practice” and “Innovative Business Performance” are 83.3% and 75.0% respectively, which means that Graphenstone is also above the average of competitors’ scores for these two aspects of innovation.

Innovation Health Check. (Benchmarking of the Innovation Process)

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