What is Sensitive Choice?

Sensitive Choice is the program that identifies those products and services especially indicated for people with asthma and allergies. The label helps millions of consumers to live better every day, choosing those products that, due to their composition, are more suitable for people with this type of pathology.

Created in 2006 by the National Asthma Council Australia and present in more than 60 countries, Sensitive Choice is a non-profit program aimed at encouraging the production and commercialization of products and services that benefit people with these types of pathologies: from construction, cleaning, air purifiers and household products.

Thus, Sensitive Choice promotes “asthma & allergy friendly” products, making it easier for asthmatics and people with allergies to find the most beneficial products and services for their pathologies.

How to be part of Sensitive Choice?

A company may obtain the Sensitive Choice accreditation as long as the healthiness of its products or services is attested through research, tests, and scientific evidence.

The panel of independent experts of Sensitive Choice determines the benefits for the asthmatic population and people with allergies. Once the beneficial effects on health have been validated, the company would receive the accreditation and will appear as a collaborating company on its website.

Why are initiatives like Sensitive Choice so important?

Cities can be hostile places for people with allergies or asthma-related conditions.

For years, products specially designed for celiac and lactose intolerant people have been launched on the market. Now, it is vital to make society aware of the need to consume goods and services that help maintain the quality of the air we breathe.

Lately, a number of initiatives promoted by responsible companies have emerged to help fight pollution, have greener cities and generate healthier spaces in our homes: from devices that measure air quality and water filtration systems, to purifiers, bedding or paints.

Graphenstone: paints for asthmatic and people with allergies

Graphenstone helps to create healthier spaces thanks to the composition of its paints, allowing people with health problems, respiratory difficulties, asthma or allergies to breathe cleaner and fresher air in their homes and workplaces.

This commitment is demonstrated by our Sensitive Choice certification. Thus, up to 15 Graphenstone products have been classified by Sensitive Choice as especially suitable for people with respiratory diseases and allergies:

  1. Ecosphere Premium
  2. Biosphere Premium
  3. GCS Interior Premium
  4. GCS Exterior Premium
  5. Ambient Pro+ Premium
  6. Filler Premium
  7. Stuki Premium
  8. Kratzputz Premium
  9. Füllmasse Premium
  10. MortarBase Premium
  11. MortarFine Premium
  12. MortarSuper Premium
  13. Naturglue Premium
  14. Thermslab Premium
  15. Kalgraphin Premium
Download our Certification Catalogue and discover why Graphenstone is the world’s most certified green brand.

Public awareness regarding the healthiness of the products we use in our day-to-day life is vital; even more for especially groups with respiratory conditions or allergies of all kinds. For this reason, from Graphenstone we will continue to promote natural and non-toxic products that make our homes healthier and purer.

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