Graphenstone Winter Meet 2020

The results of the Winter Meet we held a few days ago were excellent. Days in which we have received the visit of numerous international delegations.
We currently work with about 40 countries and, thanks to our partners, the brand reaches many corners of the world.

Graphenstone Winter Meet was the right place to present the new 2020 catalogue, the new WoodStone product line within The Earth Collection. Also, the presentation of the new TALES Project, a technological innovation that will allow its users to know the healthiest places to invest their time.

Thank you to all attendees for their involvement, trust and commitment. Our goal is to reach more people every day and without our distributors, that would be impossible.

We would also like to thank the authorities who were present at the event. To the Government Delegate in the Junta de Andalucia, Mr. Ricardo Sánchez. To the Mayor of Mairena del Alcor. Mr. Juan Manuel López and His Excellency the Mayor of Viso del Alcor. Mr Gabriel Santos for his unconditional support to Graphenstone.

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